Elect-2056E BK Peelable InK(Black)

2018-01-07 handler 1200

Elect-2056E BK Peelable InK(Black)

Elect-2056E BK Peelable InK(Black)

Elect- 2056E(Black) is a black color il-based black silk screen protect ink for printing on the glass, film, and other substrates to aviod surface dirty or scratchin during process. When the process is completed, the dryed inks deposits can be manually peeled up for the substrates.  

Silk-print suggestion:

Ink viscosity:     450 + 100 dpa) s (VT- 04 @ 25 ° C + 1 ° C)

Printing mesh:   54-100t /CM oil resistant mesh.

Printing thickness: 25-50um (after drying).

Squeegee: polyurethane,65-75 Shores.

Thinner: this ink can be used directly after stirring, without diluent. Improper addition of diluent will result in the final peeling effect.

Recommended drying conditions for: 20-30 min @ 150-160 ℃;

Peeling off: use tape to remove manually.

Mesh Wash: use universal mesh wash.

Storage: stored in 5-25 ℃, dry environment. Please don't less than 5 ℃. Under normal storage conditions,the shelflife is  3 months.

Package: 1KG/CAN