Elect-5030 UV Peelable Ink

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Elect-5030 UV Peelable Ink

Elect-5030 UV Peelable Ink

ELECT-5030 is the latest development of our company to develop an oily silk screen and can be stripped of the blue protective glue ink. After UV curing, a layer of protective film can be removed. The screen printing and after UV curing ink form the film has a certain strength and toughness, the protected area of the ITO avoid scratches in machining process, after staining, etc. When the process is completed, the membrane can use adhesive tape or hot water soak the entire stripping. It can be used in glass, non - polar plastic, semi-finished products, finished product protection.

Ink performance

L uniform ink particles, good screen printing performance.

No mist residue after l release, border trace.

L UV curing, fast, overcomes the traditional hot solid type protection blue gum intermittent process long and so on many shortcomings.

L ink viscosity to 300 + 50 dpas (2 # rotor under 25 ℃)

Screen printing advice

Printing mesh: 54-79 T/CM mesh, 20um emulsion thickness, oil resistant mesh.

With 79T screen printing, the thickness of dry film is about 40m2. (the thickness of silk screen is 30 to 40um, and the area of silk screen is about 13m2.)

Printing thickness: 15-25um (after curing)

Squeegee: polyurethane squeegee,65-75.

Dilute: this ink can be used directly after stirring, without diluting.

Typical curing conditions: because of the user's UV machine structure, UV energy requirements are different. The customer can determine the curing conditions according to the curing effect. Refer to UV energy 500-2000mj/cm2.

Performance after curing (79T silk screen printing, UV curing for the company UV lamp, UV energy 1200 mj/cm2)

Inspection items

Test conditions

The results of

Acid resistance

Immerse in 20% HCL solution for 30 minutes at room temperature.

There is no abnormal

Alkali resistance

Immerse in 10%NaOH at room temperature for 1 hour.

There is no abnormal

Heat resistance:

110 ℃ for 1 h

No exceptions. Higher temperature resistance requires customers to test themselves.

Peel off: remove with adhesive tape. If the glass or metal coated plastic surface has ink, it must be confirmed in the ink on the stripping performance.

Washing network: can use the general washing network washing network.

Storage: stored in 15 to 25 ℃, avoid direct light. Under normal storage conditions, no open ink storage time is 4 months.

Package is installed: 1 kg/CAN